Smart Phone Apps

Smart Phone Apps
My Recycle List- A great app that lets you quickly locate locations for recycling many, many different materials

iRecycle- Gives more than 1,000,000 ways to be green and sustainable. iRecycle provides access to more than 1,000,000 ways to recycle more than 300 types of materials, plus the latest in green news to match your lifestyle. Let’s you locate recycling centers

RadioShack Trade & Save- This app let’s you recycle electronics and get paid. App allows you to look up electronics and determine their value and then either request a shipping label or figure out where to drop them off for cash

Ecosnoop- The EcoSnoop app lets individuals report on wastage of water, energy, trash or toxic pollutants. You can view cases filed near you via GPS and add documentation using photos and commentary. You can create your own complaints if, for example, your grocery store is leaving the parking lot lights on during the day or your neighbor is dumping oil down the drain.
Aluminate- Aluminate app gives you all the tools you'll need to keep track of all the aluminum cans you've recycled, and tells you how much money you may earn by taking them to your nearest recycling center. Quickly find recycling locations nearby. Plus, you can form a recycling team, track everyone's progress and post updates to your Facebook wall.

Gimme 5 - #5 Plastic Recycling- The app helps you recycle #5 plastic responsibility! Bring yogurt cups and other #5 plastic (PP) for recycling to over 200 drop off locations nationwide to save Earth’s resources and earn rewards! Did you know many communities don’t have recycling for #5 plastics and when it is collected, it’s often shipped to Asia to be burned as energy? This app. You bring your #5 plastics to a drop-off bin at our participating stores. They send the plastic to Preserve, who make recycled household products including toothbrushes, razors, tableware, and kitchen products. When they get it, the plastic is ground up and turned into clean plastic pellets. The pellets are then sent to Preserve’s manufacturing facilities to be transformed into new Preserve products. Obviously, when you choose to purchase Preserve stuff that closes the loop on the whole recycling chain. How cool is that

Waste to Waves- Waste to Waves collects Styrofoam and turns into surfboards Check website for locations to drop off

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