Haulers and Waste Management Companies

This page has been exclusively created to assist haulers and collectors of solid waste operating in Los Angeles County comply with the requirements of AB341. The contents of this site were compiled and the site developed by students of the California Resource Recovery Association Professional Certification in Sustainable Resource Management. It is the goal of this site to assist cities, haulers, businesses and multi-family dwellings comply with the mandates of AB341 by providing useful information and links to other online resources. The following compiled data is specific to the needs of haulers and collectors.

Mandatory Commercial Recycling or MCR, is another name for the recently passed legislation AB-341. This legislation embraces a 75% recycling rate and became effective July 1, 2012.

Most communities in Los Angeles County are requiring permitted haulers to comply with AB-341 by both providing education and outreach, and assistance with setting up recycling programs at affected properties. Additionally, many cities are requiring haulers to complete waste audits of customers as part of this process.

As part of AB-341, all businesses using 4-cubic yards or more of trash service per week, and all apartment/multi-family complexes of 5 units or more are required to comply with the new law. This site can help you comply with AB-341 requirements by providing specific details regarding AB-341 that help you meet the specific AB341 requirements of the communities you work in.

Use the following links to access useful information.

  • Pre-designed templates & flyers
  • Listing of auditors and zero waste professionals
  • Contact listing of all cities in Los Angeles County

Flyers & Resources for Haulers

Institute for Local Government - The Institute for Local Government recently released a new resource to help cities and counties increase business recycling in their community. The sample flyers for businesses and apartments are available in English and Spanish and may be modified to fit the needs of individual haulers and the cities they work in. In addition to the sample flyers, haulers will also find an accompanying sample cover letter to connect with stakeholders and instructions for modifying the flyers. The flyers will help haulers and the cities and counties they work in meet the “education and outreach” requirements of the proposed new commercial recycling regulations being developed by CalRecycle.

Various Publications and Resources
Multilanguage Educational Materials, including handouts, flyers, education materials, door hangers, kids trifolds, owner and manager guides all in English, Spanish, and Korean!

How to do a waste audit- A Manager's Guide- This page has a specific booklet on how to do a Multifamily Apartment waste audit

Recycling Services Publications for home and businesses to everything in between. Comprehensive guides to everything recycling and composting.

Los Angeles County - Contract Waste Hauler Page - The County of Los Angeles recently franchised. A variety of flyers, forms, auditing templates, and other required materials are available on their website.**

City of Los Angeles - The City of Los Angeles has multiple resources for haulers and businesses. Visit their website and look around, or click the quick links below for specific information.

AB 341 Guide - Everything you want to know about the law! More importantly find resources to help LA City business and residents get on board, such as free business waste assessments to help businesses identify how they can implement their own recycling programs

LA Department of Sanitation- Download official flyers about AB341 and get other useful information about recycling.

The Official City of LA Multifamily Recycling Guide

City of LA Multifamily Residential Recycling Program

  • FREE recycling services once a week
  • FREE blue bins for storage of recyclables
  • FREE educational materials for residents about the types of materials accepted in blue bins
  • CONVENIENT SERVICE which does not require tenants, managers or owners to take the blue bins to the street for service

Auditing & Zero Waste Assessment Services

The following link identifies businesses and individuals who provide auditing and zero waste assessment services. Many cities operating in the County of Los Angeles are requiring permitted haulers to audit MCR businesses and implement recycling programs. The following service providers are available for a fee to assist with AB341 audits and assessments which comply with these requirements.

List of Auditors and Zero Waste Professionals

City Specific Information

Click below to find the specific website for the city you live or work in. The links go directly to each city's recycling/waste management page so you can access specific information for the city you need. If you are looking for general information on recycling program, view other city sites to compare information, or come back to www.ab341.wikidot.com for compiled resources

Specific Websites

For more information and useful tools, visit all the pages of this site.

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