AB-341 and Local Government

This page has been exclusively created to assist Local Government agencies in Los Angeles County comply with the requirements of AB341. The contents of this site were compiled and the site developed by students of the California Resource Recovery Association Professional Certification in Sustainable Resource Management. It is the goal of this site to assist cities, haulers, businesses and multi-family dwellings comply with the mandates of AB341 by providing useful information and links to other online resources. The following compiled data is specific to the needs of local government compliance.

How Can This Site Help Your City Comply with MCR?

Many jurisdictions within Los Angeles County are faced with limited staff to implement Mandatory Commercial Recycling (MCR) compliance. While each city's MCR compliance requirements with CalRecycle will vary, the basic components of the MCR compliance will be education and outreach to businesses and apartment owners, outreach to waste haulers, monitoring of compliance amongst waste haulers, proof of roll-out of recycling programs and/or audits performed. Here are some simple steps on how this site can help.

Link on Your City's Website to

The first step to compliance is education. Your website is an educational outlet. Direct businesses, multi-family dwellings and haulers to and you have a resource to extensive information and education for your constituents. Why recreate the information from scratch? Just prepare a simple statement directing readers to "click" link to and readers will be directed to this site's homepage, where they can find out about AB341 and the information that pertains specifically to them. Why don't you try it now? Visit Homepage Now

Facebook Outreach has an associated Facebook page that provides subscribers updated information on how to reduce waste disposal and increase recycling. Place the following Facebook link on your website and give your constituents a fun and social mechanism to stay in tune with MCR and recycling.

Facebook AB 341 Los Angeles

Free Resources

Numerous free resources have already been created, including flyers that can be distributed by cities or haulers informing businesses and apartments about AB341. Use the following resources to create flyers, posters, booklets and more.

Institute for Local Government

The Institute for Local Government recently released a new resource to help cities and counties increase recycling by the business in their community. The Institute’s new, sample commercial recycling flyer template is now available. The sample flyers for businesses and apartments are available in English and Spanish and may be modified to fit the needs of individual cities and counties. Besides the sample flyers, cities and counties will also find an accompanying sample cover letter to connect and instructions for modifying the flyers. The flyers will help cities and counties meet the “education and outreach” requirements of the proposed new commercial recycling regulations being developed by CalRecycle.

Additional Institute resources related to commercial recycling include a sample commercial recycling ordinance , case stories about successful commercial recycling programs and education and outreach activities, and archived editions of the Institute’s commercial recycling webinar series.

The Institute also offers a new series of short videos highlighting the experiences of local officials and others related to commercial recycling. The videos provide an opportunity to learn from colleagues and other experts. Topics covered include resources available on the Commercial Recycling Resource Center, adopting a commercial recycling ordinance and taking advantage of webinars to learn about expanding recycling.

All resources are available at

Resources developed for this project were supported through a partnership with CalRecyle. The Institute for Local Government is the non-profit research and education affiliate of the League of California Cities and the California State Association of Counties. The Institute’s mission is to promote good government at the local level with practical, impartial, and easy to use resources for California communities.


Earth911 Government and Industry Partnerships- Earth911 enables local and state environmental agencies to provide free recycling information to constituents. Earth911 is a trusted partner of the EPA and has supported state, county and municipal recycling programs for two decades. Under an Earth911 partnership, environmental agencies can send residents to the Earth911 Recycling Directory, or implement their own recycling locator solutions powered by Earth911

Direct Contact to Other Cities in Los Angeles County

City of Los Angeles

Link to the City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation website.

Websites for the 88 Cities & County of Los Angeles

The following link will take you to links for each of the 88 cities and County of Los Angeles specific sites. Rather than search each website yourself, all 88 cities have been compiled in one place for ease of use. If you'd like to see what other cities are doing, simply click on any of the attached links.

Recycling Information Websites for the 88 Cities of Los Angeles County

Email Address to Recycling Coordinators & Key Contacts for 88 Cities and County

Recycling Contacts in Los Angeles County

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