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General Information For Businesses

County of Los Angeles' SmartBusiness Recycling web site - The site is designed to help businesses reduce the amount of waste they generate and throw away – practices that will save your company money, conserve landfill space, and protect the environment by conserving natural resources. The site features a Recycler Locator which searches by zip codes to access more than 350 recyclers that recycle or reuse everything from bottles, cans, papers and plastics, to computers, concrete, textiles, tires and wood.

CleanLA - This site contains a list of programs and Free Services that are specifically designed for businesses. Please visit each of the Program's websites and learn how you can benefit from the free service offers, or be added as a resource.

Institute for Local Government - The Institute for Local Government recently released a new resource to help cities and counties increase business recycling in their community. The sample flyers for businesses and apartments are available in English and Spanish and may be modified to fit the needs of individual cities and counties. In addition to the sample flyers, cities and counties will also find an accompanying sample cover letter to connect with stakeholders and instructions for modifying the flyers. The flyers will help cities and counties meet the “education and outreach” requirements of the proposed new commercial recycling regulations being developed by CalRecycle.

Additional Institute resources related to commercial recycling include:

Small Business Tool Kit:

Become a Certified Green Business in LA and attract environmentally-conscious consumers! While the program is not yet in operation, you can be one of the first to get in on the action by complying with this criteria.

You can also find specific information for the following businesses at the links below:


Auto Repair


Additional Resources for Businesses:


California is a state rich in natural resources and has an environment unlike any other, and those resources need to be protected. In that effort, Zero Waste California stretches beyond our previously imagined goals.

Answers and resources for the most common business waste issues.

Business Waste Reduction Resources Index

Electronic Product Management

California Materials Exchange (CalMAX)

Opportunities may exist to save a significant amount of money for your business and simultaneously protect the environment through P2.

Pollution Prevention Resources - Fact Sheets

Bureau of Sanitation

Customer Services for Bureau of Sanitation

Business Services for Bureau of Sanitation


Eliminating Fats, Oil and Grease From Our Sewers
/wastewater/industrial_waste _management/fog.htm


Commercial and Office Recycling Information
/solid_resources/special /services/office_recycling.htm

Special Materials | Hazardous Waste
/solid_resources/special /services/index.htm

Hazardous Waste for Business
/solid_resources/special /business_hazardous_waste /index.htm

General Information For Multi-family Complexes/Apartments

Los Angeles County Residential Recycling Program- Find common answers to questions such as: How much does it cost to establish a recycling program for the owner and tenant? What can be recycled? Is our building going to have scavengers coming on to the property? Who creates the recycling program?
Earth911- Earth911 helps consumers find local recycling information through the largest and most accurate recycling directory in the U.S. It also has top green lifestyle tips and ideas.
Clean LA for Residents- This website has comprehensive information on every LA County program specifically for residents/community members. You will find great information on the following program:

Countywide Smart Gardening Program
Tire Recycling Program
Countywide Waste Tire Recycling Program and free Tire Collection Events.
Single Use Plastic Bag Ban
Residential Recycling Program
Find out about the County's Residential Recycling Program here.
Los Angeles County Materials Exchange (LACoMAX)
Construction and Demolition Debris
Junk Mail reduction
Beverage Container Recycling
Trash Collection
Illegal Dumping
Franchise Solid Waste Collection System
Garbage Disposal Districts
Household Hazardous Waste/Electronic Waste
HHW/E-waste Program and Events
Sharps Waste Management Program
Medication/ Drug Disposal Program
Make your own Alternative Household Products
Used Oil Recycling
Conversion Technology- waste into renewable energy
Solid Waste Information System (SWIMS)-
Solid Waste Committee/Integrated Waste Management Task Force
Stormwater Prevention
Water Conservation
Youth Education

Property Owners with questions about AB 341, check out this article from the Apartment Association Greater Los Angeles.

Certified Used Oil Recycling Center- Locate used oil recycling centers in your area by using the form below to search by city, county, or ZIP code. You can also call the Earth's 911 hotline (1-800-CLEANUP). Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for recycling!

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